Press Kit

Corporate Overview

Wavefront – originally established in 1997 by Dr. Timothy Spanos, Dr. Maurice Dusseault, and Brett Davidson under the name PE-TECH Inc. – develop, market and license proprietary technologies in the energy and environmental sectors. Wavefront was formed to bring a game-changing technology to these sectors, which it has done with its proprietary Powerwave injection process for improved oil recovery and its Primawave injection process for environmental applications.


Traditional extraction methods typically result in 10-20 percent recovery, meaning that roughly 80 percent of the oil remains in the ground. Oil producers throughout the globe use Wavefront‘s Powerwave process to access stranded or by-passed oil from producing reservoirs. Powerwave has been put to use on a wide range of applications ranging from production stimulation to secondary and tertiary oil recovery. Customers ranging from small independents to mid-size to major operators have used Powerwave effectively to increase production levels and slow the rate of production decline.


In the environmental sector Primawave is a simple and cost-effective solution used to enhance the effectiveness of pump-and-treat remedial approaches, and in-situ (in-ground) chemical oxidation (ISCO) applications, which are both used to remove harmful chemicals from contaminated groundwater.

Wavefront is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.