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October 2010; BTV- Business Television
Press Coverage Wavefront Technology Videos Wavefront Technology


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April 2013; Energy and Mining International
Finding the Pulse

April 2013; Business in Edmonton Magazine
Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc. Is Hard At Work Changing The World

August 2011; Scandinavian Oil and Gas
Wavefront Upfront

May 2011; Northwest Business Magazine
Making The Most Of Resources

September 2010; Fuel Oil News
Wavefront has the technology to squeeze you dry!

August 2010; Scandinavian Oil and Gas
Powerwave Helps Rescue Billions of Barrels of Stranded Oil

May 1, 2010; E&P Magazine
Treatment efficiency gets a boost

October 15, 2009; Edmonton Journal
Device rejuvenates old oil wells, local firm says

September 30, 2009; Dow Jones Newswires
Wavefront’s Newfound Oil Recovery Method

September 21, 2009; Globe And Mail
Alaska oil field deal breakthrough for Wavefront

September 1, 2009; Alberta Venture
Small Cap, Big Upside

April 11, 2009; Edmonton Journal
Wavefront going worldwide

March - April 2009; Oil & Gas Product News
Earthquakes the inspiration for increased production

January 3, 2009; Edmonton Journal
Wave of the future in oilpatch?

January 3, 2009; Edmonton Journal
Cleaning up NASA’s mess

July 10, 2008; Edmonton Journal
Wavefront ready to flow revenue

August 2006; Nickle’s New Technology Magazine
Reservoir Rejuvenation